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24 Hour Lemons: RX7 Carb Tear-down

The Carb was pissing fuel up and over the bowls. This wasn’t a mist, it was full-on dumping. After taking the carb apart, it appears the Nikki carb has a plunger for pressure relief of sorts? The plunger must not have been making a proper seal. Time to start. How does one organize all the parts? Very carefully and methodically.

Once all the big hunks are cataloged and set aside, time for the tiny bits. Here’s the layout of the jets as they sat in the Carb. Sadly, it appears this Carb has been apart before and they weren’t as cautious as I am. Many of the brass parts have tool marks on the heads, or broken where someone used the wrong sized screwdriver. You may also notice one of the check balls are missing. Both weights fell out, but only one check ball came out, and it wasn’t stuck inside. Now, we need to figure out where to get a bb/bearing that size, or how to order just the ball. Thoughts?

On to the fun and stinky. Many of the jets were clogged and coated in years of nasty. Time for a bath.



Not really a huge difference, but enough to be worth it. I have a distant relative known for rebuilding things and soaking parts in brake cleaner on his dinning table. I figured this photo was fitting of my blood.

I love instruction manuals, don’t you?

Time to put it all back together. We arestill missing some parts. Maybe we’ll have then soon.

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