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2011 Mercedes-Benz GL550

Looks like that ML500 has us converted to a Mercedes house. The list grows. Now adding a GL550 to the daily driver category. (Left is our 2011 GL550 and right is our 2004 ML500)

GL550 and ML500

When I first met my wife, she came along with a 2004 Mercedes ML500. This was easily the most expensive and highest class of vehicle I had ever driven (aside from later driving the RackerMobile). Like many things in life, once you have a taste for something greater you tend to start to continue on that path if you can. Following the arrival of a ML500 to my life, I later bought her a C230 Sport for Christmas. Yup, we had the Mercedes bug, and for good reason; these cars are German works of art.

As our extended family grew, we were always driving the in-laws and nephews to sporting events on the weekends. The little 5-seaters just weren’t cutting it anymore. We needed more room, but really didn’t want a Suburban or some boring van. After a bit of research, we discovered that Mercedes also had a 7-passenger in the states and started investigating the GL-class. Of course it would be there flagship $$$ model… About a year had passed since I started looking at them, and we now had three temporary foster children. THAT’S IT, WE NEED THAT 7-PASSENGER NOW!

My requirements were initially black on black or gunmetal on black, but those were hard to come by at a reasonable price.  Oh, and she had to tow more than 5000lbs. The black interior wasn’t a compromise though. Some user car sites searches or and a few trips around town later, we landed at the Ancira Buick/GMC where one had JUST been traded in. They hadn’t even washed it or inspected it yet. I gave it a once-over and was into paperwork right way. There was no way I was going to pass up the deal before me. It was pearl white with black leather interior. The leather dash, seats, doors, and wheel was some of the softest leather I had ever touched. “Do I even belong in this thing? What if I scratch it?” Paperwork done, they asked if I wanted to pick it up the following day after they detailed and cleaned it. NOPE. Drove right out of there and took care of it myself. (Almost forgot… she has a 7500lb towing capacity.)

To this day, I STILL can’t believe we have her. We call her Leisel. << You may find her Facebook Page there. She’s had a few small issues here and there, and a few battle scars, but we still love her and can’t believe we have her.

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