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1985 Porsche 944 Running Issues

When I first started working on this car, it had all kinds of nasty wiring issues. The fuel line was even clamped off after the pump, preventing fuel from running to the engine. After tracking down all the wiring problems, and splicing cut wires, or re-routing wires correctly, I still had problems getting her to run properly. Finally, a bit of “success” came in the form of fire and “run”, if you could call it that.

The engine just wouldn’t idle smoothly at all, and refused to accelerate at the slightest touch of the throttle. Many, more hours of tinkering, I finally noticed the O2 sensor connector (mentioned in “Porsche 944 Restoration Mystery Part”) wasn’t fully connecting. Forget the damage, it simply wasn’t snapping together. I forced it together, and gave her some more cranks, with a fresh battery, and slowly she started to come to life.

Finally got her to run, but DAMN if she doesn’t have a nasty wine.  Think the cam belt tensioner is a tad on the tight side…  Need to get a tool to adjust the tensioner now.

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