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Laser Cutting and Engraving

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About this service

Pricing is a combination of Machine Time + Material Cost + Design Time.

Design complexity, material thickness, and material type also all play a part in the pricing of laser jobs. Cutting, Scoring, and Engraving affect Machine Time. Cutting and Scoring follow a linear path; while Engraving scans across the entire surface of the design. 

Material costs are by square-inch, and differ from material to material. Materials are not necessarily limited by the following list. If a material is not on the list, simply ask when requesting the job.

Machine Pricing

  • Cutting - $0.15 per linear inch for every 3mm(1/8") of material thickness

  • Scoring - $0.10 per linear inch

  • Engraving - $1.00 per sq-in

Material Pricing


  • 3mm(1/8") acrylic - $0.10 sq-in

  • 6mm(1/4") acrylic - TBD

  • 12mm(1/2") acrylic - TBD


  • 3mm(1/8") MDF - $0.02

Baltic Birch Plywood

  • 3mm(1/8") birch - $0.02

  • 6mm(1/4") birch - $0.05

Design Files

Design Files

You Provide: Vector (.svg) or CAD (.dxf) files are the preferred type to provide.

We Create: Should you need assistance with creating the Design Files, check out the "Graphic Design" Service. $60/hr ($30 minimum)

File Color Coding

Design Files not only tell the laser where to cut, etch, and score; they also can be used color coding to determine which of those processes to use. Let's use the following as a 'standard' when creating our designs, so we are all on the same page. When creating your files, keep in mind what areas/paths are to be cuts, what are to be scores, and what are to be engraves.

  • Cut = Black

  • Score = Cyan

  • Engrave = Magenta

Doing this will allow quick and easy operations assignments, and get your job up and running faster with less modification cost.

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