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W203 ’06 C230 Sport: Intake Runner Valve Leaking?

CEL for lean condition in one of the banks, indicating possible vacuum leak. Removed engine cover and can hear the leak. Diagnostic below.


Center is for intake runner, right? What are the two on either side then? All have rods going down.

Passenger side isn’t even connected.

Driver side isn’t connected either. Also appears to be broken and rotated to the opposite side at 9’o’clock. An audible vacuum leak is coming from this area as well. Sprayed cleaner down there and car stumbled (vacuum leak).

In this video, I will point to the two arms that are disconnected/broken. It’s a bit hard to see on camera. With the naked eye, it’s MUCH easier to see down in the holes.

Here’s just some interesting research finds.

Just found an example of the parts I’m working with and how they should be connected. Different body style, but the engine layout is the same.

Throwing this in there just for effect. Thought it was pretty neat and explains how this system works.

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