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Twin-Charged VW Rabbit: Proposal

[Imported from my old post.  Original post date: 05-01-2008 01:13 AM on]

This build is also being followed and logged @ Before: 1984 VW Cabby 1.8L 8v as it sits today…

PHASE 1 (Research and Development) So, it starts… I’ve told a few people about my plans. I was originally going to keep it a secret, but as I dug into the scenarios I came to realize I’m going to need some advice. I’ve started picking apart some brains and websites; even started hording random parts. I’m in the R&D stage for my 1.8 TG60 cabby build. First ever that I know of… prove me wrong please! Cause that means I can pick someone else’s build apart and make my life easier! The Basics: Background of the VW 1.4 TSI In series is the way the 1.4 TSI Golf was designed, but that could present an issue with hot compressed air going in to the turbo. I’d need not only an IC after the turbo, before the intake, but I’d like to put an IC between the charger and turbo if I am going to do this.

Phase 2: Foraging and Gathering

Phase 3: Teardown (New Engine)

[5-11-08] I got my 2.0 16v head out of a 91 automatic Passat yesterday. I may have to trade the upper passenger mount intake for a driver side, since my car is driver mounted. It all depends on how I run the plumbing I suppose.


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