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Really Wish Tesla Had Onboard Generators


(Image from Tesla Site)

I know, I know… Musk is all about all electric…

Remember the Fisker Karma? Remember when I drove one for a week? Why was it cool? Well, unlike Tesla cars, it had an onboard generator. The generator was ONLY THAT, a generator. It only provided electricity, and was not attached to the drive train. In other words, on top of running on batteries, it had an onboard gas combustion generator that provided charging power to the batteries. This could also be used for extended driving on gasoline when the battery runs out, so you aren’t stranded. It also added extra amperage to the electric motor for some fun “sport mode” action. What it was missing, or at least I never saw it possible, was a was to run the generator while the car was parked to charge the batteries. This would have been a great feature for camping and long distance travel where a charging station/electric plug wasn’t available nearby. As an added bonus, they should have also made the generator a more efficient turbo diesel. If I could get a Tesla with a 10-20kW turbo diesel generator under the bonnet, I would be all over it! Mobile charging. Extended driving. Camping. Add a supply port next to the charge port, to power external camping and beach BBQ gear… PERFECT! Please please please.

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