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DIY Kitchen Island Lighting Part 2

Continuing from yesterday’s “DIY Kitchen Island Lighting” post, I don’t have much of an update tonight. My Sputnik XPS13 ultrabook took a dive today at work, so I didn’t have much time to work on the project; instead I spent it rebuilding my laptop. Apparently, updating Ubuntu 12.04 to 13.04, on a dual booted system, corrupts and wipes the NTFS partition for Windows. :/ Anyway, this post is about my DIY.

Paint dry on the bar, and chain slightly tacky, I ran the wiring through the grommeted holes. Remember, this was a blah steel yesterday.



The wires sticking out the end are only temporary. This is how I will access and wire nut them together, before tucking everything back in.

Here, you can see the mostly assembled design.


Note the one wire coming from the top. That will feed through the chain and into the job box.


Added the chains and links. Now, just need to strip and connect all the wiring. Then, hang! I’m missing a lag eyelet, so need to grab that before final hanging.

Not sure when the final update will be, but I have a feeling a couple more days. Check Part 3 for more.

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