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C230 got a booboo

So my wife sends me an MMS today with something that was not pleasing!


Driver’s door seems to have De-laminated in the South Texas heat. What to do!?

I took some masking take and ran it along the opening of the bottom half. This was to prevent the coming glue from getting on the exposed bit of door card while applying. Pulling gently out on the flap that came apart, I scraped it mildly clear of foam and debris. Then, using a small stick, I applied plastic and vinyl glue to the backside. Now for the tricky part, sliding the piece back between the crack without making a mess. Remember the tape I applied below? Yea, that is to prevent any excess glue from getting away from me. Using a thin plastic blade, I gently pushed the arm rest cover back underneath; plastic to prevent ripping the soft material. Leaving the blade in the slot, I pressed down from the top to apply a firm adhesion.

After holding it down for a few seconds until tacky, I removed the blade to apply more tape to act as a vice while it cures.


Two hours later, and only ten degrees cooler (still 90’s after 9pm), the tape is removed.

Much success!


Let’s see how long this lasts. I’m not positive I got enough coverage, so it may back out slightly. I’ll just do it again. Easy fix!

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