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1984 VW Rabbit Cabby


After a few mishaps with some American cars, I needed a new-to-me car.  What should I get?  Looking through the papers, I remembered how I had always wanted a Rabbit.  As a kid, my Dad bought me a VW rabbit Matchbox Car once.  I loved that little car.  Today would be the day.  After a few hours of searching, I found an 84 VW Rabbit Convertible (Cabby) for sale in the Pennysaver.  It was a Military owner, needing to sell quick.  Ad stated there were starting issues and they had done all kinds of work, battery, transmission, starter, ignition, the works.  Nothing mentioned alternator.  “I replaced the battery and it still dies.  Even after recharging it, it dies.”  I know EXACTLY what is wrong, and will be there with $400 cash in hand.


Showed up, sure enough, the car wouldn’t start.  It was a nice solid body too!  I loved it immediately!  Pulling out the jumpbox, we fired her up and drove her onto the trailer.  Gave the US Airborne her money and were off.  A few miles down the road, we made a stop at Autozone, bought an alternator, installed it in the parking lot, and drove the car on it’s own from there.  How happy was I!?

I loved that car for years!  Over time, we had our VW love happen; clogged cat, oil cooler o-ring failure, tranny problems, brakes exploding, the works!  I still have her to this day, and she’s in the garage waiting for a VERY fun upgrade.  See more in my Twin-Charged VW Rabbit Project.

She’s had some upgrades over the years too.

Here’s the bumpers from the 81 I sold.

New shoes acquired from a friend’s e30.  Yea, 16″ x 10″ Borbet Type-A on a Rabbit.

Unless I choose to go a different engine route, this will be the transplant she will get, plus the turbo and charger. (G-60 motor)

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