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1983 VW Rabbit Cabby (Sold)

My parents sold the electric blue 93 Cabriolet my Dad had given my Mom as a present one year.  Years later, I came across a friend’s 83 cabby for sale and thought, I wonder if Mom would want a rabbit again?  I had some spare coinage at the time, and wanted to give her an awesome Christmas present.  Bought the little red piece, drove it home, and cleaned it up.  Neither Mom or Dad knew anything about it; actually, not really anyone did.  I had the car hidden around the corner of my Grandparents’ house, and “went out to grab something from the car”.  Pulled the car up front of my Grandparents’ and walked back inside.  When it was my turn to hand over a present, I handed my mom a VW key.  She was dumbfounded.  “What is this?”  I told her to look outside.  There sat a little red convertible with black top, and a GIANT bow on top.

Well, we’ve since sold her and moved on, but she will be remembered.  Now I need to figure out some other way to repay my ‘rents for ALL they have done for me.

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