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1981 VW Rabbit (sold)

I once bought a 1981 VW Rabbit to use for parts.  When I was told of this car, it was said to have black interior with high bolsters.  The WHOLE reason I even went to look at the car was for just that.  I wanted to swap the interior into my white on white on white 84 convertible.  When I arrived to look at the car, it was beat, not running, and had a dark blue interior.  The seats were low bolsters as well.  Oh well, not the car I want, right?  Well, it had these cool custom made tube bumpers, that kind of gave it that Jeep look. I bought it on the cheap anyway, took the bumpers off, put them on my cabby, and stripped some minor parts from it for my collection.  Shortly after, I was offered a job in Texas, and didn’t want to drag ALL my cars with me.  Tony, from Torque Video Magazine, bought it from me on the REAL cheaps, and well, the car has a new life!

See below: She’s the little white hatch in the middle with yellow lights. Photo belongs to Tony Grimmel (linked above). Those are his cars.

Tony has my bunny

I can’t wait to drive it when I go to visit.  Should be a fun little ride.  Oh, Tony, the heater airbox is loose…   😉

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