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FluentConf 2013 – Kohler Connection

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

[TWEET= @IRTermite]

Even plumbing fixtures companies need IT! Met some cool cats from @Kohler here to learn java best practices for internal apps. #fluentconf [/TWEET]

While leaving the airport on a shuttle, I had the privilege to ride with two guys from Kohler Company’s back-office tech. Wish I would have asked their names. When asking what they were here for, their response was to learn more about the new ways to use java in their IT shop. “Where do you host your infrastructure?” I poked, politely. “We host in-house. (The wind-up, and the pitch!) Perfect chance to mention Rackspace Private Cloud Support, for a self-hosted OpenStack deployment. (A stray bird enters the path of the ball, and BLAM!) Turns out they don’t know much about the hosting side, but work on the apps only. My stop was first, and I failed to get contact info to discuss further. Well, the conference is until the weekend; there’s always tomorrow!

Good luck, friendly strangers. Until we meet again, and we are strangers no more. Best of luck on your quest for Java Enlightenment.

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