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Laser Cutting and Engraving

Don't feel like reading all this and doing maths? Just contact for help...


Design complexity, material thickness, and material type all play a part in the pricing of laser jobs. Cutting, Scoring, and Engraving are priced differently as well. Cutting and Scoring follow a linear path; while Engraving scans across the entire surface of the design.

Material costs are by square-inch, and differ by type. Materials are not necessarily limited by the following list. If a material is not on the list, simply ask when requesting the job. 

Laser Cutting and Engraving Pricing

  • Cutting - $0.15 per linear inch for every 3mm(1/8") of material thickness

  • Scoring - $0.10 per linear inch

  • Engraving - $1.00 per sq-in

Material Pricing


  • 3mm(1/8") acrylic - $0.10 sq-in

  • 6mm(1/4") acrylic - TBD

  • 12mm(1/2") acrylic - TBD


  • 3mm(1/8") MDF - $0.02

Baltic Birch Plywood

  • 3mm(1/8") birch - $0.02

  • 6mm(1/4") birch - $0.05

Design Files

You Provide: Vector (.svg) or CAD (.dxf) files are the preferred type to provide. 

We Create: Should you need assistance with creating the Design Files, check out the "Graphic Design" Service. $60/hr ($30 minimum)

File Color Coding

Design Files not only tell the laser where to cut, etch, and score; they also can be used color coding to determine which of those processes to use. Let's use the following as a 'standard' when creating our designs, so we are all on the same page. When creating your files, keep in mind what areas/paths are to be cuts, what are to be scores, and what are to be engraves.

  • Cut = Black

  • Score = Cyan

  • Engrave = Magenta

Doing this will allow quick and easy operations assignments, and get your job up and running faster with less modification cost.

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Calculate Linear Inches

Are you providing your own vector files? Do you want to estimate your linear inch charges? Depending on the software you are using, you should easily be able to get that information. Here are a few examples.

Adobe Illustrator

In Adobe Illustrator, use the following method to get the linear inches of your design.

Start, by confirming your file is in "Inches" mode.

  • File > Document Setup > Units (Inches)

Next, open the Information Window that provides the data you will need.

  • Window > Document Information > -drop down menu- Object

Finally, select all parts of the design that will be a Cut or Score and review what is shown in the 'Document Information' window.



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